Daycare Catering for Healthy, Happy Kids

Quality and convenience for childcare providers

It’s a huge relief for any parent to know that their kids are fed good, healthy food, even when they are being looked after by a care provider. Windy Ridge can set minds at rest with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks for childcare facilities, ensuring that food is prepared with an expert hand and teachers are left to do what they do best - teach and nurture our little ones!

We can provide a wide variety of food that is delivered fresh each day to suit the needs of your centre, including catering to individual dietary requirements. Quality and convenience are the hallmarks of our daycare catering, with a focus on creating healthy eating habits at a young age. This means that the kids receive tasty meals prepared in a registered commercial kitchen to exacting standards, while the staff can focus entirely on providing top-notch care. There is no reheating and no dishes to be done when you opt for our catering service, just serving up a wide variety of flavours that we - as experienced childcare caterers - know children love to eat.

Windy Ridge is the first Fresh Made registered provider to cater to early learning educators. This programme is run by the Healthy Heart Foundation and Fulled4Life with a strong focus on providing help and support to centres to ensure that the food your children is nutritionally adequate. All our menus and recipes are designed and approved by the Fuelled4Life nutritionists.

Our meals are:
Healthy, balanced meals
Cooked fresh daily
Delivered to the room
All dietary requirements catered for
Healthy Heart Approved
Approved by nutritionists

Get in touch to find out more about how we can meet the needs of your childcare centre.